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All of us at Permit My Rig have been earning our living for many years by serving the US trucking industry. We have great respect for you the truck driver and wish only to help you be successful!

Many people don’t really understand that the profession of a truck driver is more of a lifestyle than a job. But we get it! Your time on the road as a truck driver can be a real challenge on a lot of different levels. But once you have adjusted to the trucker’s life that you’ve chosen, why not shoot for the top and become a motor carrier? Your commitment will be tested, for sure. Whether trucking makes you or breaks you depends on your attitude; no doubt about it. But it also depends on your resources, and that’s where we come in. can help you find the smoothest lane to get rolling down the road as easily and affordably as possible.

We appreciate you visiting our site and considering the services we offer. Our professional experience and expertise can help you smoothly make the transition from owner operator to federally registered motor carrier.

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Hauling U.S. industry’s growing post-recession manufacturing and agriculture output means a growing industry that today moves more than 70% of all the freight, some 10.4 billion tons of it annually via 3.6 million heavy-duty Class 8 trucks. A significant portion of that freight is driven to market by independent owner-operators, who have acquired a truck and obtained their own authority, recognized and certified by federal regulators to transship freight legally in the U.S. However, with demand for qualified shippers and drivers at record levels and demand for freight hauling capacity, there is fresh opportunity for a new wave of owner-operators to obtain their own authority and enter an expanding market.

Owners, Operators, Independent Entrepreneurs

The ATA finds 7.4 million Americans are employed in trucking-related jobs, including 3.5 million as truck drivers. Of those drivers 6% are women and 38.7% are minorities. The commercial trucking industry is diverse as well, with several prominent national shippers—but the truth is the industry is full of small businesses run by entrepreneurs. ATA says 91% of motor carriers operate six or fewer trucks and 97.3% operate less than 20 vehicles commercially.

The freight-hauling industry’s impressive rebound and volume is providing new opportunity for carriers of every size and description to thrive, as well as providing a lucrative field where a skilled, experienced driver can start his or her own trucking business by purchasing a truck, permitting it and establishing operating authority with Federal DOT regulators. Once equipped that independent business man or woman can either operate with their own authority independently, or as many do, lease themselves and their vehicles to larger carriers.

Highly Motivated, Highly Skilled? Please Apply

There rarely has been a better time to establish or expand an independent truck shipping business. And the economics are swinging in owner-operators’ favor. For example, with ELD and HoS mandates, shippers and dispatchers have less paperwork to hide behind and fewer ways to exploit scheduling gaps and other time-and cost-consuming practice. Similarly, per-mile rates are climbing and that is helping the ledgers of independent operators stay in the black and sustain business.

Is it time to jump into the market and obtain your own authority? If you are highly motivated, highly focused and tired of a dependent relationship with others who may not share the same business or ethical values, then please apply, because the industry needs and wants you.

Time to Get Started on Your Own Authority?

Obtaining your own authority is a process just like anything involving any federal bureaucracy; but where to start? If you are like most truck owners considering embarking down the “own authority” road, the details may seem daunting, but with experts at helping map out the route, getting started and obtaining your own authority has never been easier.

Few insurers have the experience and do with independents and we know the difference, underwriting carriers for decades. We can bring that wisdom and expert experience to bear and help you obtain your own authority in time to meet new opportunity. If trucking is your passion and shipping is your business, call us today—we’ll get you started and on the right road fast.