Instructions & Steps for Permit My Rig

What are the Steps for the registration process through Permit My Rig?

  1. Determine which service you are in need of. For New Entrants we highly recommend one of the two Basic Packages depending on how many units you have.

  2. Select the service you would like.

  3. Complete the application.

  4. We will take care of the rest for you. This includes:

    1. Registering for your authority through FMCSA

    2. Registering for your Unified Carrier Registration through your base state of operation.

    3. Obtaining your BOC-3 Filing

How long will the process take?

  • Once we submit the application through FMCSA the issuance of your USDOT number is instantaneous.

  • MC numbers are also issued immediately, however these numbers are subject to a 10 business day protest period in the FMCSA Register and up to two months if the application has be flagged for vetting by FMCSA.

  • When the application is fully implemented, applicants with receive an inactive USDOT number upon submission of an application for registration. Operations are prohibited, however, until the applicant receives an active USDOT number and active registration by mail.

  • Registration will not be granted and the USDOT number will not be active until FMCSA determines that the applicant meets all statutory and regulatory requirements for registration, including requirements for making administrative filings.

  • Normally, operating authority documents are sent out within 3-4 business days after number has been granted. If 10 or more business days have passed since the grant date and you have not yet received the operating authority document, call 800-832-5660 between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time for assistance.

  • Total time for everything to become active is normally within 21 days.

How Do I Check My Application Status?

To check whether your operating authority has been issued (granted),

  • Go to the Safer website -

  • See bold heading “FMCSA Searches”

  • Click on “Licensing & Insurance”

  • Enter MC Number or USDOT Number in the appropriate box and click “search”

  • Click “HTML”

  • Scroll to bottom and click on “Authority History”. This page will display the granted date of the operating authority