Mission Statement for Permit My Rig

Who we are:

PERMITMYRIG.COM is a division of Wellington F Roemer Insurance, Inc and operates as a private, third-party company engaged in the business of assisting truckers in securing their authority from the governmental regulators. WE ARE NOT THE DOT or affiliated in any way with any government agency.

Why we do what we do:

We believe the truck driver is one of the most critical components of our great nation’s economic foundation. Our entire economy is driven by the movement of goods throughout the country. If it were not for truck drivers and trucking companies, we simply would not have the amazing standard of living that we enjoy in the USA. We understand this. We recognize your importance and we want to help you be all that you can be. We view it not only as our business but also as our patriotic American duty to help bring new motor carriers online so you can get the food, the raw materials and the finished goods all to market for every single citizen of our nation.

How we do it:

PermitMyRig is affiliated with a number of other related companies that all have one single goal: helping truckers. We do this by getting you legal, selling you your required insurance and providing safety services to protect the motoring public and your bottom line. Roemer Insurance has been protecting truckers for well over 80 years, and along with our affiliate companies, InsureMyRig, PermitMyRig and SA Safety services, we work hard every day to help you move the goods and do it in the safest and most profitable way possible. Automobile Liability Insurance. Automobile Physical Damage Insurance. Motor Truck Cargo Insurance. Occupational Accident Insurance. Non-Trucking Liability Insurance. Workers Compensation Insurance. Federal and State Registrations. Safety Services, Safety Evaluations. Driver Safety Meetings, Mock DOT Audits, Equipment Inspections. We do it all so you can operate your truck with the confidence you need to get rolling down the road.

We salute you:

Today and every single day of the year, we salute you and every professional over-the-road semi-truck driver. We wish you all the best as you operate such a massive and complicated machine through all kinds of weather and traffic and road conditions. The semi-tractor is an incredible technological achievement; expensive, complex, powerful and productive. However, YOU give the vehicle its true power. No matter how you feel or what is going on in your life, you get up and get rolling every day. It is your professional driving skill that gives your truck its true economic power to move goods and generate income for you and your family and every single American citizen. And for that, WE THANK YOU.

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