Ready to hit the road and begin your adventure as a trucking company? We are here to help you! Just submit our application and we will take care of your DOT Number, MC Number, BOC-3 Filing, and UCR Registration.


BASIC PACKAGE (INTRASTATE) » INTERstate and INTRAstate are completely different. Interstate authority is required when you are crossing state lines and operating in commerce. INTRAstate authority is required when you are operating entirely inside a single state. Most of the time new motor carriers will require INTERstate authority. Please contact us if you require INTRA state only authority.

Feel free to call if you are not sure and we will explain this distinction in more detail at 844-371-0927.

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Are you interested in getting your own authority and becoming a legally registered motor carrier? Well, you have come to the right place!

The trucking professionals at Permit My Rig will help you get legal as quickly and affordably as possible.

We know how the trucking business works. Our company has a staff of professionals that includes a licensed attorney and a Certified Public Accountant. So you can be confident we have the expertise that YOU need.

We’ll help you get your filings and registrations so you can get running down the road. Permit my Rig – We’ll get you ROLLING.

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We know about the trucking business. Our professional staff has been involved in serving and working inside the trucking industry for many decades.

We know about trucking safety. Our operating partner has worked in the trucking safety field for nearly 25 years. And we offer our clients stability. Our parent company has been in business for over 80 years.

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A word from Lucinda Alexander, Manager of Permit My Rig.

All of us at Permit My Rig have been earning our living for many years by serving the US trucking industry. We have great respect for you the truck driver and wish only to help you be successful!

Many people don’t really understand that the profession of a truck driver is more of a lifestyle than a job. But we get it! Your time on the road as a truck driver can be a real challenge on a lot of different levels. But once you have adjusted to the trucker’s life that you’ve chosen, why not shoot for the top and become a motor carrier? Your commitment will be tested, for sure. Whether trucking makes you or breaks you depends on your attitude; no doubt about it. But it also depends on your resources, and that’s where we come in. can help you find the smoothest lane to get rolling down the road as easily and affordably as possible.

We appreciate you visiting our site and considering the services we offer. Our professional experience and expertise can help you smoothly make the transition from owner operator to federally registered motor carrier.

Please feel free to give us a call at 844-371-0927 with any questions you may have.

  • Sincerely,
  • Lucinda Alexander
  • Manager,
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If you are thinking about this big step of getting your own trucking authority, chances are you’ve been in the trucking industry already. You already understand that getting your DOT number is not a simple process; if you decide to do this on your own, there’s a huge stack of paperwork to complete such as:

  • Registering your company with the state in which you are domiciled
  • Requesting an Employer Identification number
  • Quote and bind insurance coverage ( can help!)
  • Register for IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement)
  • File a BOC-3
  • Register with UCR
  • and much more…..

Got a headache yet? Getting your own authority for trucking is an involved, detailed and time-consuming process. Oh, and keep in mind that you are dealing with the federal government for much of this process, so your paperwork better be perfect, and you must be prepared to “hurry up and wait”.

As a business owner your time is extremely valuable. The important details of running your business need your attention as well; time is money and I would suggest you spend it on vital tasks such as writing a solid business plan, developing solid customer relationships, seeking out beneficial financing arrangements, developing a safety plan and trying to find qualified drivers and good paying freight. As you can see above, registering for your motor carrier authority is data-entry work; its important, but does it need to be done by you? is a service designed specifically to take control of this part of starting your own business. We’ll do all the paperwork necessary to help you get your authority, get your DOT number and get you legal! Our sister company will even get your insurance filings in place to activate your authority and get you rolling down the road legally.

What We Offer


Basic Package »

The Basic Package through Permit My Rig includes MC Number, DOT Number, BOC-3 Filing, and UCR Registration. Click here for more information and pricing.


Individual Services »

Permit My Rig also offers individual services to choose from aside from our Basic Package. These include Broker Authority, DOT Number, MC Number, and more. Click to view services.


Trucking Insurance »

Managing trucking insurance needs and getting an insurance quotes online saves you time and money, and Insure My Rig provides fast, reliable services to our clients at an affordable cost.


Safety Services »

Throughout the industry, DOT Interventions are happening more and more frequently, and S.A. Safety Services will help you be prepared for these Interventions.